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About Yanegiken Co., Ltd.

Our Values

Management Policy

We enrich lives by creating rooftop platforms.

Quality Policy

Yanegiken Co., Ltd. provides products that give a sense of satisfaction, and in which our customers place their trust and high expectations. We have established the following principles in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

  1. Provide attractive products.
  2. Have a thorough customer-first principle.
  3. Aim for a environment that is easy to work in for our employees.

Environmental Policy

We set goals and objectives to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, and these are reviewed on a regular basis as we work to make continuous improvements and prevent pollution.

  1. Promotion of business that is environmentally friendly

    • (1) We are working on the development and sale of environmentally-friendly products.
    • (2) We are working on the efficient use of energy required for business activities.
    • (3) We are working on reducing and reusing waste from business activities.
  2. Compliance with environment-related laws and regulations

    Our company will comply with agreements, environment-related laws and regulations in the promotion of our business activities.

  3. Awareness Activities

    • (1) In addition to promoting and encouraging this policy, we shall be thorough in disseminating it to all members of this organization and to all employees who work for this organization.
    • (2) This policy will be documented and published both domestically and abroad.
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