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About Yanegiken Co., Ltd.

About Yanegiken

Global headquarter

Trade Name Yanegiken Co., Ltd.
Establishment Date December 15, 1968
Incorporation Date July 15, 1975
Location Head Office
2-1-13 Aomi-cho, Takahama-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan
Handa Distribution Center
1-44 Shiohi-cho, Handa-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Representative President Joji Tsuzuki
Business Items
  1. Research and development as well as consulting work for various types of roofing materials
  2. Development, manufacture and sale of various types of roofing materials
  3. Development, manufacture and sale of solar power system stands
  4. Development, manufacture and sale of solar water heater stands
  5. Development, manufacture and sale of green roof system frames
  6. Solar power system sales, design and installation incidental to this business
  7. All electric commercial material sales, design and installation incidental to this business
  8. Remodeling contract work for roofs, electricity, construction and interior finishing
Bank accounts Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Hekinan Branch
Okazaki Shinkin Bank Takahama Branch
Hekinan Shinkin Bank Takahama Branch
Professional organization
  • All Japan Federation of Tile Contractors (Aichi Prefecture Roof Thatching Laboratory Union)
  • Aichi Association of Architectural Firms
  • Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association
  • Tokai Manufacturing and Creation Council
Registration/Authorization IS09001:2015 Certification
IS014001:2015 Certification
Construction License:
Aichi Prefectural Governor Permit (Special – 24) No. 57226
Major personnel
Class 2 Architect
Class 1&2 Building Construction Management Engineer
Class 1&2 Licensed Electrician
Class 1 Electrical Work Operation and Management Engineer
Tiled Roof Construction Engineer
Chief Engineer of Water Supply Equipment Construction
Specific Chemical Substances, etc. Operations Chief
Major business partners

Panasonic Corporation ; TOSHIBA Corporation ; Mitsubishi Electric Corporation ;
KYOCERA Solar Corporation ; CHOSHU INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. ; West Holdings Corporation ;
Canadian Solar Japan K.K. ; Suntech Power Japan Corporation ;

Hanwha Q CELLS Japan Co.,Ltd. ; SHARP Energy Solutions Corporation ;


SHINTO Co., Ltd. ; Tsuruya Co., Ltd. ; Maruei Ceramic Works Co., Ltd. ; Marusugi Co., Ltd.

Roof Tech.

Trade Name Roof Tech Inc.
Establishment Date JUN/05/2012
Location 333 H Street. Suite 5000,
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Tel 415-382-1036
Representative President Joji Tsuzuki

Yanegiken Material Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

Trade Name Yanegiken Material Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
Establishment Date JUN/06/2017
Location F15 ,LIM Tower 2,
62A Cach Mang Thang Street,
Ward 6, District 3,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel +87-871-099-957
Representative President Joji Tsuzuki
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